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Library Management - Workflow Guide

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▶︎ Format: PDF
▶︎ Level: advanced
▶︎ Pages: 48

The Library Management Workflow Guide offers an overview of how libraries and objects should be managed in Archicad, including troubleshooting and guidance.

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The Library Management Workflow Guide provides a set of guidelines and best practices for managing and organizing objects and libraries in Archicad. This guide covers the basic principles of objects and libraries and their management, as well as provides tips and strategies for optimizing the performance of the library, and by extension, the Archicad project. This includes eliminating duplicated items and purging unused objects and libraries. Overall, the workflow guide provides a comprehensive overview of the library management process in Archicad, helping you streamline your workflow and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their design process.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • About Libraries
    • Libraries vs Library Parts (Objects)
    • Coded vs Translative Objects
    • Globally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs)
  • Types of Libraries
    • Embedded Library
    • Linked Libraries
    • BIMcloud Libraries
    • Hotlink Libraries
    • Archicad Migration Libraries
  • Library Management
    • Organization
    • Library Manager
    • Missing Libraries
    • Missing Library Parts (Objects)
    • Duplicated Library Parts (Objects)
    • Substituted Objects
    • Library Path too long
    • Missing Macros
    • Unused Libraries
    • Attribute Creation
    • Library Migration
    • Library Consolidation
  • Object Performance
    • Geometric Detail
    • Image Size
    • Legacy Libraries
    • Model View Options (MVO)
  • Library Object Curation
    • Third-party Objects
    • Third-party Libraries
    • Modeling Objects with Archicad Elements
    • Custom Library Parts
    • Library Part Maker
    • Patch
    • PARAM-O
    • Importing External Objects
    • Copying Existing Objects
    • GDL Coding
  • Appendix
    • Useful Links
    • Keywords
    • Other Trademarks

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